My World Preschool was established in the year 1994 as a Montessori school in Mikocheni. Following two years of research, reflection and discussion, we incorporated the best aspects of the modern Kindergarten to our program, to support the changing needs of our children and community. 

We have the same educational goals, but the way children learn is different and this includes a more child-initiated and play based curriculum.

We shifted to W.Upanga and kept on researching and evaluating our methods, with the aim of providing the best of educational care for the children, embedded in early childhood research based on developmentally appropriate practice; in other words, how children learn best.

This search included the discovery of the project approach and emergent curriculum, which linked in with our vision of a holistic child led curriculum supported by the environment and the teachers.

We have been in our E.Upanga premises since 2000, and in 2013 we introduced a new center in Msasani. We continue to evolve, evaluate and implement the best of early childhood practices in both our facilities.

We welcome you to our exciting world......