The sign of a great teacher: She listens, understands and teaches according to the needs of a particular child. She practices more than just curriculum development. She understands strengths rather than weaknesses and works hard to balance each and every student. Sounds like super woman? In our time at My World, Jayshree and many of the other wonderful teachers (both Upanga and Msasani) worked with our daughter to foster language development, cooperative play, courage, leadership skills and "appropriate" academics. 

Our child is one who LOVES to socialize, have conversation and tea parties with her friends. She despises writing and sitting to do mundane tasks just to accomplish a goal. Jayshree was brilliant at using her strengths and inspired her to read, write and learn. She was also proud of what she could accomplish at the end of every day. I know because she was super eager to go back everyday! 

At the age of 5, her academic and social experience has culminated into creating timelines and task lists for her self as she sets goals for holiday activities. She is socially aware of norms and self regulates according to her environment. She independently creates written reflections when things do not go her way and uses these reflections to develop future goals. 

She has learned to create with meaning and purpose, and these strengths would not have been achieved had she been forced to comply with cookie cutter expectations. As we move on, we thank Jayshree for her love, time and effort and we also extend a "thank you" to the school (both teacher and administration) for fostering these positive growth stages. 

We move forward with fond memories and look back in appreciation.

Fawzya Hirji - July 2017


My World nurtured my skills as a growing individual from a tender age, with its focus on student focused education, and emphasis on values and hands on learning. I owe my innate sense of curiosity and love for learning to the place that made learning so much fun, that I was prepared to indulge into the IB PYP right after, despite being the youngest in first grade my class.

I just completed my IB Diploma, 13 years after leaving My World and I still feel the impact of the strong foundations in literacy and numeracy it gave me. It is definitely at My World that I first developed my love for reading, writing and inquiry, and now I am going to pursue a degree in Journalism, Media and Communication at Northwestern University. My parents, to this date, believe that I owe much of my academic success to my time at My World, and I agree too.

Lastly, this testimony would be incomplete without highlighting the dedication of Rupal and Sonal, and their commitment to make an impact on every child at My World. Personal connection goes a long way and every educator at My World is dedicated to help each and every student excel. You two might not know this but I looked forward to coming to school every day because of the people like you two, and back then, I didn’t know what a role model was, but now I know that the educators at My World were mine.

Inaara Gangji - May 2017


My World Pre-School is unique in many ways. It is not easy to find a school that has created its model based on 22 years of actual research on how children develop, and what they need in order to develop in all spheres of their lives. What is offered to your child is not based on an aim to get a standard output. What is offered is individualized. It is based on your child's interests, academic level, emotional constitution and physical ability.

Each class has a variety of qualified teachers which makes such an individualized approach possible. Your child is treated as a full and capable human being and is respected. If your child is hungry, he or she can go and fetch a snack and sit down and eat. If your child is trying to master drawing mermaids, he or she can spend the bulk of the day doing that. If your child dances in a unique style, his teacher may research that and show him a YouTube video of what else is possible in terms of moves and rhythms.

I had two of my children at My World while we lived in Dar Es Salaam. I am now homeschooling my children because I can't bring myself to insert them into the educational sausage machine. 

My World is world class. I have never had my children in such an ideal environment.

Julie Gail Miller - August 2016 


We highly recommend My World to all parents that are looking for a preschool for their child. First of all because our son Nathan enjoyed going to My World a lot, and secondly, because we as parents have seen that his development has benefited tremendously. We believe that this is the result of a combination of the great staff, structure, and resources at My World. The staff are very well qualified, and get training on a regular basis to maintain and enhance their skills.

The school follows a modern play based approach based on the latest insights on early childhood development to prepare the children for the formal education. There is a lot of individual attention given to each child so that the development, and activities of the child are monitored, customized, and optimized. Parents are kept abreast of their child's development with weekly newsletters, term reports, and casual conversations. All this is only possible because of the great resources of My World; great staff that truly enjoy working with young children, outstanding premises and equipment. All of this second to none in Dar-Es-salaam.

Rinze ter Maat, and Marijn Noordam - June 2016 


We have settled in well. Elaine is now in Grade 1 and will be proceeding to Grade 2 next year. She went for interviews for big school. The headmaster of the school was way too impressed with her level of knowledge and he said that she should go straight to Grade 1. He commended very well the reading skills she has.

I am pleased to tell you that she is getting a prize for being the best reader in her class. My appreciation to you, the teachers at My World who did a wonderful job.

Your way of teaching at this foundational stage is excellent. The award she is getting is proof enough, the teacher is also pleased with her performance in class. Many thanks to all of you.

Tawana is doing equally well and is in Grade 3. His teacher is also pleased with his level of reading and vocabulary. Many thanks and regards to Sonal and all the My World team.

 Juliana (Tawana and Elaine's mum)


When I enrolled my daughter Zahra to the school, I had my apprehensions as any other parent - such a tiny age to leave the warmth and security of home and go to a school - however the My World Staff proved me completely wrong, and Zahra adjusted and adapted so well it was amazing to see her unfurl her identity and develop mentally and physically.

Until today now she is in Form 2, she gets that special twinkle in her eyes when we talk about' My World Pre School'....

God Bless, and keep up the excellent work. Thank you for making Zahra's time at your School a Special One...

Nasima Mukhtar - November 2015


This is the Kibhisa family giving you thanks. 

We have had all our children come to the preschool for the past years for teaching our children what they know now. It was fun to come to the assemblies, and see what they had learnt through the term.

Starting with Dominatha; even though it was only one year, she had enjoyed it, and had good fun at her graduation, and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful year. Her favorite teacher however was, and always is Sonal. This school has helped Dominatha's smarts and her love for reading books, because now she has read the most books in the whole IST secondary school. 

Then we had Jescah; She was there for three years, slightly longer than Dominatha was at the preschool. She was crying on the first day, afraid to leave her dad, but however, as she progressed through her first year, she learnt to be a rick taker, and have fun. Her highlight of the year was being the star in the play, 'The Pizza Princess', along with Ghati as one of the mice in the castle. Here at My World, Jescah has managed to reach her inner creativity, making her the creative person she is today. 

Ghati was there for three years too! She made lots of friends there, and also met her best friend Beatrice there. They still are best friends to this very day. She didn't have a highlight of the year, because she enjoyed every part of it. Ghati has learnt to be sportive, and now is one of the most athletic third grader in IST. 

Now our last child there has been Bhoghongo. Two years for him filled with entertainment and adventure! He had great fun learning about trucks for his last unit, and now is able to identity different trucks we happen to come across in town. He will very dearly miss the tree house, and his best friend Zaid. At My World, he has discovered his love of vehicles, and now wants to be a racer. 

My World has been rewarding to us all, and I would strongly recommend this preschool for parents who are looking for a good school for their children to go to, because I know it has been an awesome time for our family! 

Unfortunately the time has come to say good bye, so we will look around and remember our time as we soon have to say bye bye. Asante we say, as we are about to end with kwaheri My World Preschool. 

With love, 

From the whole Kibhisa family - July 2013 


We can scarcely believe that our son Meet's time at My World Preschool has come to an end. It truly seems like just yesterday that we were getting him ready for his first day of school. 

In these past few years, Meet has grown into an honest, considerate, and hardworking young boy, and we know that we have My World Preschool to thank for that. The one-one attention that Meet received from your teachers has made him confident in his abilities, and sparked his interest in many different subjects. Playing during P.E., Sand & Water Play schedules also taught Meet the value of discipline and teamwork, traits that will serve him well throughout the rest of his life. 

More than anything else, we would like to thank you for the fun that Meet has had during his time at this school. Every day he would arrive home with tales of mad science experiments, fantastic fiction books, and field trips that he will remember for the rest of his life. 

During my last interaction with Meet's class teacher, I shared the feeling of great happiness, and the positive vibrations I experience as soon as I enter the gates of My World Preschool, and I am sure they will keep flowing. It is a great supportive community focused on giving each child the best education possible, and your leadership provided Meet with just that! 

Warmest wishes, 

Vishal & Mehgna Patel - July 2013


Dearest My World,

First and foremost I would like to thank all the amazing people at My World. Without all of you working together with the same goals in mind, the school would not be as wonderful and successful as it is. Over the past three years I have been constantly happy with the school and its curriculum being taught there. When I had sent my child back then, I had no expectations of how the school would be. A good friend of mine suggested My World, so I gave it a shot.


From the moment I sent her there I could feel that this school was different, special and unique. The warmth that all the staff members gave, including the management, the teachers and the dadas, to each child was so special to me. I felt like they were every one's extended family. From that I knew this was the right place for my child. I understood to love each child was part of the curriculum. Of course a child who feels loved,secure and safe, will no doubt excel in their studies at school and in their social life in and outside of school. I was so impressed on how much quality time they spend with each child and the amount of research they do to ensure that what they are doing as part of the curriculum is the best for the children.

I really appreciate the Emergent Curriculum that is being taught at My World. It has done wonders for my child. The result from it; she absolutely loves to learn! Everything is a learning experience, and she wants to know more about it. The school has taught her that it is fun to learn and it is OK to want to know more. As a result she truly enjoys enquiring about the world around her. Now my child has moved on to her primary school and she does miss My World a lot. However, from the foundation My World has given her she has adjusted and is doing very well at her new school. She loves to read, write and do arithmetic. She is very confident and outgoing. No matter where she goes she always makes friends. She still has a great desire to learn and ask questions.

Her kindergarten teacher is very impressed with her levels of reading and writing ability as well as her art skills. Her teacher mentioned that she is very detailed in her school work. Even though she has moved on to her primary school, My World will always be in her heart as her first and favorite school. As a parent we all want the best for our children and because I sent her to My World, I feel she had received one of the best foundations for her life.

My gratitude towards the school goes beyond measure. All I can say is, please keep up the amazing work because your changing lives forever.

P. Kanabar - November 2011 


To the amazing and wonderful Teachers, Staff and Management at My World,

With this letter, we would like to express our appreciation to all of you for the incredible care you’ve taken of our son, Samar, during his years at My World ( Jan 2009 upto July 2012 ). We couldn’t have found a better place for Samar to begin his education. Lots of tender love and care, plenty of playtime, free flow activities, creativity, encouragement and understanding. Yes, WHERE A CHILD IS A CHILD.


We were touched by how each and every teacher and staff at the school knew all the children and had a personal relationship with them, whether they were teaching in their class or not. Each team member was always helpful, respectful and pleasant. You have provided a complete and nurturing environment where play based techniques introduce children to a variety of learning materials. Each kid receives personal attention as he/she discovers and explores the sensory rich environment at his/her own pace. The encouragement for pretend play, which develops kids imagination and confidence as they act it out. The block play, the playground, field trips and so much more. There is always something exciting planned for the children.

We, personally, feel the most important benefit at My World is the Director, the Visionary, the Mentor , one who juggles with many hats and does justice to her so many roles – Rupal. Her passion about the Early Childhood and emphasis on play based learning, reflects in the School’s program. Its creativity and uniqueness is second to none. We are very happy with how your team has worked with Samar, and we look forward to our younger son, Sanay, starting at My World, next year.

Sonal and Suril Shah


A year ago my son did not like to interact with other children and was very hesitant to explore and try new things. What a difference a year at My World Preschool made! Now, because of the patient guidance of his teachers, he is a confident boy who loves to play with other children. He is eager to explore and investigate, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.


From the moment I started researching preschools, I was impressed with My World Preschool’s philosophy as evident on its website and its Facebook page. When I visited the school, I was struck by the enthusiasm of the teachers, the independence of the students, and the entire play-based approach and emergent curriculum. Rupal is clearly passionate about educating children in the best possible way, and the philosophy of My World is solidly based on educational research and how children learn best – through play! There are many preschools around, but, to me, My World really stood out from all the rest. Deciding to send my son there was an easy decision.

Every day, my son woke up eager to go to school. He would come home with detailed stories of everything he did that day, and the progress I saw him make was remarkable. My World has so many things to commend it from the daily routines and lessons including swimming, cooking, science, music, and PE, to the assemblies, the early childhood festival, the parent conferences, the detailed reporting system, the CDS with pictures of all the activities, the home links program, too many things to mention! I love that students guide the learning and topics covered are based on student’s interests, culminating in a field trip. My son was fascinated by airplanes – and his class went to the airport and even got to sit in a helicopter. Other field trips revolved around animals and the weather. In my son’s words “Awesome!”

I’ve been raving to everyone I know about My World and its teachers. My son is now attending IST and doing very well, having obtained an excellent foundation at My World. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a teacher at IST, I would have loved for my son to continue at My World, because I am confident that it provides an excellent program. My World is truly a special school.

Vivienne Verschuren - September 2012


OHH such nostalgic memories 10 years ago... when my son first joined My World. It is indeed a unique kinder - school. Sobered my anxiety for quality education for my children in a foreign land and the results - awesome! God Bless you Rupal and your sister. I still remember Ms Sonal (that's how deep this memory is engraved) and your dad whom i had the honor of meeting. You don't just offer an education but you do it with a passion - from your heart of hearts; that's why I said GOD BLESS YOU! Stefan is now just about completing his Year 9; I've always said if I had another child - My World would be where to send him/her for his/her early years of learning. Keep up the great work, the world needs such influence! 

Suzanna Msaki

DIA Letter

A Letter from Dar es Salaam International Academy that recommends My World Preschool.


At the tender age of three, with uncertainty from us and hesitation from our daughter we dropped her off at My World. After a term, we thought she was not performing well and decided to move her. But a discussion with her classroom teacher changed our view. We were expecting too much from our little girl. Alphabet, numbers etc.. Basics, basics .. that's what the teacher told me. Just let this little kid be a kid. Let her play & get dirty, let the brain develop. We took her advice and have not and will never regret that decision. For the rest of her stay Mabel looked forward to going to school every day. She trusted & loved her school environment. I am proud to say that at age six she leaves with a new-found sense of independence & responsibility, and better equipped to communicate & reflect upon her learning. Our sincere thanks go to the staff & management. Please keep up the good work of building that solid foundation in our children as you contribute in our nation building.

Gevis Sakwe


Entering Tanzania from Europe with two small children is an adventure of a lifetime. And to let them go into the first step of education is a special adventure for parents. My World gave me the security to let my children go. This preschool is a house full with people who love children and have a huge amount of skills to help the children learn about themselves and be fascinated by their environment. They teach the children to be friendly and treat everyone with respect. The teachers and assistants do this through acting with respect for the personality of every child and by cooperating closely with the parents to help and understand the children. I heard and learnt so many songs! This singing is one main reason besides lots of face to face talking and a book home everyday - that my children picked up English quickly without any previous knowledge of the language. There were special activities for everyday of the week, the teachers worked with different materials and had lots of ideas! 

Susanne-Steif Saathoff (Munchen - July 19th 2008) 


It is with a very nice feeling that I am writing this note. When we first admitted Malavika to My World, she was quite raw in her skills. The way she has picked up things; whether communication, mathematical or reading skills is quite remarkable! Thanks to the teachers and the support staff, who have helped her in enabling this transformation. Moreover, the school has put in the right ambience and resources to shape up the right character of the kids. We wish to thank the management and the teachers at this point in building the right citizens for tomorrow. We as parents will be supporting the school in any form and manner in the future so that the good work is continued. We expect that this school will scale new heights in imparting curricular and extra-curricular skills to the new kids on the block! All the best! With sincere thanks and best wishes.

Krishmakumar Pillai, Sujithra Sankar and Malavika Menon

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