Our group consists of a team of Tanzanian and international qualified experienced professionals who share the same vision; the empowerment of young children.

Besides years of experience in the early childhood field, each individual brings a range of diverse life and professional expertise which combined, creates a rich teaching and learning community. 

Each member of our International team of teachers has spent a number of years in Tanzania, thus gaining valuable exposure to the the cultural practices and norms. 

This means that we have low staff turnover which helps to create a more stable and conducive environment for the entire school community. 

This also empowers us as a teaching community to go deeper into practice over the years and develop and provide a consistently richer and more meaningful learning experience for the children under our care, based on developmentally appropriate practice and early childhood research.


Intensely passionate about education, play and the healthy holistic development of young children, our director Rupal has been in the early childhood field for over seventeen years and still retains that same enthusiasm she started with in 1997! 

As well as an educator, teacher trainer and mentor, she is a professional storyteller and constantly on the search for new ways to bring learning to life. 

An avid reader and rebel poet, she strongly supports the ideology that creating democratic citizens and leaders starts at birth. 

"The dance of life starts with the steps of a child" - Rupal


With over ten years teaching experience in schools and charities between Scotland and Tanzania, Virginia is passionate about empowering and developing the next generation. She believes that preschool years are crucial in positioning a child for greatness in life and nurturing leadership skills. Having an Honours Degree in Textiles and Fashion Design, she has initiated art programmes with the purpose of building confidence and creative freedom in her students. As a result of its success, she has seen her students grow in character, communication skills and celebrate their own uniqueness. Virginia is the KG coordinator, and class teacher. 

"I see my role as a teacher as one who creates an environment for young children to unleash their full potential, helping them to be courageous role models for generations to follow and aspire to. As a mother of a young toddler, I'm daily reminded about providing a loving and stimulating setting which challenges his thinking and grows his imagination. I hope to do the same for the children in my class." - Virginia


With an educational background in special education, and behavior intervention, Chris brings with her an experience of fifteen years working in the early childhood field. She originally hails from Vancouver, Canada, where she was born and brought up. She moved to Tanzania six years ago, and her journey continues at My World where she is the KG teacher for the 5-6 year class, and coordinates support of special needs in the school. 

"My passion is to support children's exploration, ideas, and watch them create and experiment along the way. I am a big believer in inclusion, and that all children should be integrated into an environment to the best of their ability. " - Chris


Bringing the arts to life, Pia also brings with her a Masters' in Mass Communications and many years of experience in the teaching field. She will be one of the KG class teachers, and has her little helper 'Mama Tumaini', her special puppet friend who helps children learn about classroom rules and etiquette. 

Founder of Earth's Angels; an arts based school program supporting the local community, Pia has travelled and volunteered for many childrens organizations in Tanzania and South Africa including the iThemba Lethu Orphanage in Durban and the SOS Children’s Village in Dar-Es-Salaam. 

"Education is a great passion of mine and I have the experience, knowledge and creativity to make the class experience and this fundamental time in a child’s learning years positive and beneficial. I enjoy being a teacher and love children and it is in many ways an honor to be part of the lives of individuals at such a fundamental stage in their lives." - Pia


Possessing valuable skills in working with children from birth to eleven years, Sakina brings in her extensive experience of twelve years as a family support worker and EYFS (UK) early childhood teacher. 

A qualified baby massage practitioner and community family worker, Sakina has a great deal of experience in working with parents and families, and is our Toddlers Coordinator, and class teacher, as well as the Family Support Coordinator for the school. 

Sakina is part of the team handling our Baby Center. The Baby Center is aimed at being a full holistic support program offering baby massage, developmental workshops, breastfeeding & weaning counselling, contraceptive awareness, pregnancy & baby  discussion groups, sensory & heuristic play and a whole lot more! 

"I feel that my greatest strengths are my ability to understand and meet the needs of individual children, their parents and carers, have a clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality, and being able to provide a stimulating, caring and consistent environment for young children to learn and develop in.” - Sakina


Having obtaining her diploma in Social Pedagogic Work in Holland in 2006, Mirte combined her passion of traveling with her love of working with children. She brings with her an experience of over eight years working as a nanny in three different countries, and as a volunteer teacher in several orphanages across E.Africa. She is one of the toddler class teachers, and a firm favorite amongst our little ones! 

"I have always loved being around children. In fact, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my days, which makes me feel very lucky to have a profession where I am surrounded by children all day! Through the eyes of a child, the world is one big adventure, every morning they are willing to take the next step." - Mirte